USA Air Duct Cleaners - SCAM Alert, BEWARE

Dania Beach, Florida 1 comment

My mom ordered USA Air Duct Cleaners for a $19 ac check, 2 people showed up after 2 hours and gave her $1800 bill. claiming we have mold in our ducts, they cleaned the motor and installed a uv light, my mom was scared and approved the work, i really dont want nobody else to fall for this scam

$200 work sold for $1800

i cant believe a company like that can operate in Florida, when i called to complain i got the run around "supervisor will call you back" nobody did, im fighting with my credit card company to get the money back, contact me if you had the same done to you, together we can put this guys out of business



Lesson learn, if you approved the job then you get to paid. :? :eek :(

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